About Me

Portrait 1 - B&W

I was born Miguel in 1991, in the Portuguese city of Faro to very loving parents. When I was 18, I moved to Lisbon to study at the Faculty of Arts, where I did a degree in History, followed by a Master’s Degree in Medieval History of the Islamic Mediterranean, with a Master’s thesis on the subject of Homosexuality in the literature and poetry of Medieval al-Andalus and the Maghreb.

While at University, I came out as gay – something I had always known – and met my fiancĂ© and long-time partner, the most handsome dentist in the world. I also discovered my passion as an artist, and adopted the pseudonym William Gaol Saraband, or WG Saraband, for all of my creative work.

On the 10th of November, 2015, we both arrived in Scotland as immigrants in pursuit of a life with the dreams denied to us back in Portugal. In this wee corner of the world, I found a loving people, and a country that truly felt like home, and I have thought of myself as Scottish ever since.

I am a writer and a painter – metaphors for “chronically broke”. I live and breathe politics, and fight everyday for the dream of an Independent Scotland.

You can find my artwork on my other website: https://wgsaraband.com

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